Saturday, January 15, 2011

Almost Ready!

Carol at CSS and I talked this week and seems like I will be traveling blind to Moscow and meeting my potential daughter on Monday, February 7th.  So exciting!  Should have the decision finalized next week on Tuesday but spending this weekend preparing - just in case.  Need to get my visa application going and start researching flights.  Most importantly, I need to figure out care for Clare while I am gone.  This experience is so different from Clare's adoption.  I cannot put my finger on it.  I suppose just traveling blind is a huge difference.  You don't want to get too excited because there is a high probability that I could come home without accepting the referral so I am trying to keep my emotions in check.  My emotions are also just so different.  Maybe I am just more calm because I am already a parent and have already had to travel across the world to bring Clare home.  I don't know - just different - not better, not worse - different.

Anyway, I will post more next week once I finalize all details.  Stay tuned!