Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Registered in Moscow

This past week, I talked with Carol at my agency, CSS and we finally decided to register me in Moscow, 5 months after I submitted my dossier. It is all finally starting to feel real! This adoption is such a different experience than my first from Kaz.

For those of you new to my journey, I adopted my daughter, Clare, from Uralsk, Kazakhstan in September 2008. The agency that I used, which is one of the best in Kaz, no longer accepts single parents. While there are other agencies that still are accepting singles in Kaz, I really trusted my agency and believed that if they were not accepting singles, there was a good reason. To find my daughter and Clare's sister, I chose Catholic Social Services out of North Carolina. They work in several different regions in Russia, all of which have different requirements and processes. Moscow is a region where you travel "blind" which means I will travel without any information on the child - no picture, no medical, nothing. Very different than my experience in Kaz.

I anticipate it will be a 3-trip journey. The first trip is typically a week long. I will travel to Moscow, meet a little girl, be given any medical history that is available, and have an opportunity to have a doctor evaluate her.  Then I have to make the decision as to whether I accept the referral or not. Very simply - is this my daughter? A few families recently have traveled and had to turn down referrals for medical reasons so there is definitely some risk and potentially some serious emotional pain involved. From my journey to Clare though, with a lost referral, I have faith that I will find my daughter in the right time and in the right way so I just have to keep that in mind.

After the first trip, I will come home and wait for a court date, which seems to be about 1-2 months after Trip #1. Trip 2 is about 4-5 days in length and is when I go to court and have the judge grant my adoption petition - you may know that as Gotcha Day! Then, there is the dreaded 10-day wait. In Uralsk, for Clare, this was waived, and I broke Clare out of the babyhouse the same day we had court. In Moscow, that won't happen. Because of Clare, I will come back to the US during the 10-day wait and then travel back for trip #3 to bring my new daughter home. That last trip is about a week in duration too.   Once we land on US soil, she will officially become a US citizen and the real journey begins with my 2 daughters, as a family!

Thanks for following along.  I will next post when I hear new news from my agency - hopefully with travel dates to Moscow.  

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why Adoption Beefstew?

So, for those of you who might be wondering why the strange name for my blog, I thought a brief explanation might be necessary.  During Clare's adoption, I had serious food issues in Kazakhstan.  I was constantly drawn to eating strange meat products.  It was weird.  Who knows - maybe they were adoption cravings.  Add to that the fact that I really don't cook - not yet anyway.  I realize I will have to start cooking more as the girls get older.    Anyway, one night in Kaz, I came back from the grocery store with some kind of really tough meat.  That night, I skyped with my mom and was trying to figure out what to do with the meat.  My mother, in all her love and wisdom, recommended that I just "whip up a quick batch of beef stew..."  It was one of the funnier moments of my journey.  Seriously - strange apartment, halfway around the world, by myself and my mom wants me, a person who barely cooks, to "whip up a quick batch of beef stew..."  Love you mom!  Anyway, I thought it was a fitting title for my blog as I venture out to Russia this time in search of my next daughter, and Clare's little sister.

Anyone up for a little beefstew?  I can't wait!  Beefstew, Round 2 - here I come!

By the way, for anyone who didn't follow Clare's journey and is interested in adopting from Kazakhstan, please feel free to check out the website I did for Clare's adoption.  The journal section catalogs each day of that amazing adventure.
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