Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maybe the halfway point

This Thursday is 3 weeks since I last saw sweet Audrey.  I am hopeful that what my in-country coordinator told me holds true and that court is typically 6 weeks in the Moscow region which would mean I am at about the halfway point.  I know - silly girl - this is international adoption after all and there are no guarantees.  When will I learn....  Anyway, I sent my last docs off to Carol today - updated medical (3rd time) and my updated 171H with new fingerprints and one-time free extension.  Waiting on updated FBI clearance but Irina thought my current FBI clearance was close enough from a timing perspective (just a wee bit over 6 months) that it might work.  Have gifts bought, clothes and diapers and snowsuit for Audrey, now I just need new travel dates so I can get my last visa and flights.  These 3 weeks flew by so I am hoping the next do as well.  It is great to have all my pictures and video from trip 1 so I can look at her sweet face every day.  I have been checking out apartments through Peace travel too. Trying to decide if I will stay in an apt on the 2nd trip just to check it out before trip 3.  I feel like I might like the ease and comfort of the Marriott Grand though.   Don't need to worry about food at all - the lobby bar had great little salads. The downside is that I won't be able to test out the apartment before I pick up Audrey I guess for trip 3.  Decisions, decisions...   Not much else to say.  Just trying to stay busy and get ready.  I know that my world will soon be very different as a single mother of 2 beautiful girls.  Better enjoy the simplicity of one while it lasts, right?