Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Joseph Michael Reardon

What a great day!  I am officially an aunt!  Baby Joseph Michael Reardon was born to proud parents Michael and Holly around 6:30am, weighing in at a beautiful 8lbs14oz, about 21 inches long, with black curly hair and a gorgeous little face.  What an angel and a total blessing.  Poor Holly was in labor about 60 hours - a mother's sacrifice for the love of her life.   Happy to report Holly and Joseph are both doing great and resting comfortably now - everyone getting to know each other.  A room filled with joy, peace and love.  8 days from now, I am hopeful that I too will be holding my child in my arms - filled with that same joy, peace, and love.   Wrote a few quick lines about some of the feelings and thoughts on my heart right now...  Thanks for letting me share.

Child of mine, not born of my body, yet always in my heart,
do you know that you are loved, although time and miles keep us apart?
The waiting, the distance, the questions never-ending...
I remain hopeful in God's plan for us, steadfast and unbending.
Hold on dear one, while others keep you in their care.
I will be there soon with love, with warmth, with a life to share.
To hold you, to comfort you, to kiss away your tears!
A mother's wish - to protect her child - from pain, from hurt, from fears.
The time is near, dear little one, for our life to begin with peace and love and joy.
One more question on my heart - will you be a girl?  or a boy?

Ha!  Hope you all didn't mind me sharing just a little of what is on my heart these days.  8 more days.

Happy Birthday Joseph Michael and welcome to the family!

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  1. 60 hrs...holy frijole! I am so happy for your family. What a beautiful little guy!!

    Less than 8 days now!!!! PLEASE update me when you can. I will be thinking of you ALL the time while you are there. All my prayers are with you and little Kira!! Do you have my phone number? Please call anytime if you need to cry or celebrate...anytime my friend. I am here. I will e-mail my cell in case you don't have it.