Saturday, April 23, 2011

Off to the airport

It is 6:15am and my mom and I are off to the airport.  I just checked online and our flight is 3hrs delayed already (must be weather in DC).  I am going to the airport anyway to see if there are other flights.  Had a 5 hr layover to start with so we still have 2hrs of cushion but if they are already predicting bad weather - I am really concerned.  Well - nothing I can do now but hope and pray!  Will talk to everyone from Moscow.

Okay - update at 10:15am.  Still in Nashville.  Thankfully the plane is delayed because the crew needed a certain amount of rest between flights or something crazy so while I am not happy that it was delayed.  It is a time-bound delay so we should get to DC with about 2 hrs free.    Hope to be on the plane in about an hour from now.   Heard from Heather and Clare had a good first night with the Robertsons.  So far, so good!  2 hr flight to DC, 10 hr flight to Moscow, one more night of sleep and I will be meeting my referral!

Update # 2 - In DC at 3pm.  Having a quick late lunch at Harry's Tap Room.  Taking off for Moscow in about 2hrs.  Have a few minutes to post a couple pictures.  So - yesterday when I was dropping Ginger off at doggie boarding (Dogtopia), the owner was telling me about his time studying abroad in Moscow and to stay far away from the men in black track suits - typically Russian Mob.  Well, to my surprise, I wake up this morning, ready to hit the airport and what do you think my mom is wearing - a beautiful black track suit.  She thought she was auditioning for the Sopranos or something.  Check it out!  Hysterical!  Love my mom!  If anyone bothers us in Moscow, my polish-portuguese bodyguard will be sure to take care of it! Paka!

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  1. So excited for you! Looking forward to hearing all about it.