Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov 20 - Day 2 with Audrey

Audrey was asleep when we arrived this morning - about 11am.  She awoke maybe 5 minutes after we got there and was in a great mood.  Lots of laughing and interaction today which was so nice to see.  She still shies away from lots of eye contact but is getting better.  She has the cutest little smile and laugh when I can pull one out of her.

Her congestion seemed much better today too, which is such a relief.  She is also teething.  She already has 4 on top and 2 on the bottom but her next 2 bottom teeth are poking through so that explains the drool and constantly sucking on that bottom lip.

We played for almost 90 minutes (and by played I mean I hold her and try to get a smile out of her).  Then it was time to go they said because it was lunch time.  When i put her down in her crib, she just cried and cried.  I couldn't leave.  Just couldn't do it.  She was just desperate for love and attention and I was going to give it to her.  I was not leaving her like that.  No way, no how... so they said I could feed her which was so amazing.  They brought in a glass bottle which was really hot to the touch.  Inside was a weird brownish, yellowish liquid.  Pureed vegetable soup with some mashed potatoes whipped in...  They basically take what the older kids are eating, water it down, puree it and throw it in a bottle... Voila - baby lunch!  I was worried about it being too hot for her but she was okay.  Ate it down - fast!  Most babyhome kids eat too much, too fast.  We will work on that once we get home if it becomes a problem.  It can be pretty severe for some.  We will see how Audrey is...  After she ate, I was able to put her down, with the bottle in the crib, and she was okay.  I didn't like leaving her with a glass bottle in her crib but the nurse said they would come back and get it as soon as we left.

Just like last time, it was really hard to leave her.  This time though, I know I am only leaving for 2 weeks and when I next see her - I am going to break her free forever!  2 more weeks.  14 days.  336 hours.   We can both survive that.  Then a lifetime a together.   Do you see what I see?  The light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Tomorrow is court.  Tanya, Gregory and Svetlana will pick me up at 8:45am and off to see the judge.  Tanya said it should take about 2hrs so hopefully I will be Audrey's mom by lunch!

That is all for now.   I am off to walk around Tverskaya for a bit before dinner and then think through everything before court.



  1. Huge hugs and prayers from here--I remember how hard it was to put them down and walk away at this point. Hoping that all goes super-well tomorrow and that all is good!

  2. Hugs... Just a few short hours now!!!