Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov 21 - Court Day

It is official (well almost - dang 10 day wait).  It is a closed court so I won't share the details here but all went as expected - about 90 minutes total.  The judge sustained my petition as they say here and today, DRS (will share her full former name after 10 day wait) officially become Audrey D Reardon.   There is now a 10 day wait for both sides to consider the decision and Friday, December 2 - it is final.  No turning back.  The deal will be sealed.  Lock the door and throw away the keys.  All's well that ends well.  That fat lady will have sung... What other euphemisms can I use?  Anyway, our Gotcha Day will be Monday, December 5th which is the day I can pick Audrey up.

I am going to have a glass of champagne to celebrate at the hotel lobby bar.  Svetlana and Tanya and I had a little celebration at the courtroom cafeteria.  Boiled potatoes and ground veal cutlet (maybe??).  No champagne but I did want to do something special so - I had my first cup of coffee ever!  I wanted it to be a momentous occasion.  The ladies were drinking coffee so I decided - why not.  Why not have my first cup of coffee (and probably the last to be honest) to commemorate the day I became Audrey's mom. Ha!  Funny way to celebrate but a moment I won't forget.  Lunch for 3 of us 310 rubles.  3 cups of coffee about 90 rubles.  Being Audrey's mom - priceless!

I feel so relieved and so happy and even a little shocked.  I just wasn't sure if this would really happen.  The threat of Russia closing.  Then the threat of Russia closing to singles.  Then 3 referrals that didn't happen for all different reasons.  All of those twists and turns but here am I - ready to be Audrey's mom with only a few more days to wait and prepare.

Early flight tomorrow morning.  Poor Gregory is picking me up at 4:30am.  Ouch.  I made the mistake of saying to Tanya that perhaps I could take a taxi so that Gregory wouldn't have to get up so early.  She about to went into orbit on that one.  I got the picture and won't bring up a taxi again.

Thanks for following along.  Later!



  1. Congratulations!! I know you are so excited! Praying for swift and easy flights there and back to get your precious little girl!

  2. Yay!!!! Happy Dancing from here! So glad that all went well and the judge said YES!!