Thursday, November 17, 2011

On my way for court

I am in the Dulles airport with just about 2hrs left before I board the plane for Moscow, on my way for my court date, Monday.  All of the emotions are starting to finally hit.  I have been so focused on making sure Clare was going to be okay for these last two trips and preparing all my work stuff for my absence and getting everything I would need for trips 2 and 3 that I haven't even really thought about what I am actually getting ready for...  Audrey and I were family long before I knew her and before she knew me.  This long, emotional journey is almost to an end and I just couldn't be happier.   Now we just need a judge to tell us what I know in my heart already - that she is my daughter and I am her mommy.  It will be a great day.  Then 10 days later, we will have our long-awaited GOTCHA day and I can bring her home to meet her sister and the rest of her family and our friends.  So thrilled and anxious and ready...    Looking forward to holding and kissing sweet Audrey on Saturday and Sunday!  Will post again when I land in Moscow on Friday.




  1. Thinking of you! This morning when I was getting Vera dressed.. I thought, Kathy is on a plane today heading to Russia! YAY! xoxo!

  2. So happy for you! Keeping you in thoughts and prayer as you return to your baby girl.