Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dec 4 - Arrived safely

I am here in my apartment on Novy Arbat.  Uneventful trip.  The flight landed almost an hour early although it didn't matter.  My luggage was literally the last one off the luggage belt so I was actually a bit late and Tanya had started to get worried.  I have to say that waiting around the luggage carousel for your bag to come is a stressful, anxiety-ridden process isn't it?  You wait, staring expectantly at each new bag that rounds the corner.  Then your stomach drops each time you realize it isn't yours... and the horror when you think the last bag has come because there is a pause in the luggage flow.  Then the extreme joy when you realize - oh good - here come more bags!  Stress!  Am I the only one?  Fess up, people - you have all felt that!  Well, last bag or not - at least my luggage came and I was off through customs to meet Tanya for the last time.

After picking me up, we were off to the apartment to drop off all of my things and then hit the local grocery store.  For those of you that followed along with Clare's adoption, I had a similar experience again.  I am not much of a cook at home so asking me to shop internationally is just a huge joke.  I picked up Frosted Flakes, 2 bananas, some Brie, a package of hot dogs, some weird salami that Tanya said would be just delicious and some ketchup and bread.  UGH!  I need to lose about 10lbs so maybe this will help.

As for what happens next - Tanya, Svetlana and Gregory will be here at 10:30am to take me to Audrey.  We will be picking her up from the baby hospital.  She was never released on Thanksgiving as they had hoped.  She has been in there almost a month now.  I don't know why she is still there - if she has gotten worse, if something else is ailing her but I will know soon enough.  On the way, we will stop and pick up 2 cakes for the Gotcha Day celebration - one to leave at the hospital and one to leave at the babyhome.  All of my thank you gifts are ready, my diaper bag is packed, now I just need Sweet Audrey!   I wonder if she will do well riding in the car.  Tanya told me to bring some plastic bags, just in case she doesn't.  I know that feeling all too well and will take my Bonine in the morning.  Let's hope both Reardon girls don't get carsick tomorrow!  Wouldn't that be a treat?  Certainly a special Gotcha Day memory.

Okay - that is all for now.  I will post again on Monday once Audrey is home at the apartment with me.  Later.


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  1. Exciting!!!!! My last trip... My luggage didn't come off the carosel! I was so stressed. Turns out it was oversized and behind a desk.... Not easy to figure out when you don't read nor speak Russian! Anyway... Will be praying that the day goes quick and Audrey does well on the car ride.... Can't wait to see pix!!!