Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dec 7 - Happy Birthday Kim Dean!

So far, so good here in Moscow!  Day 3 started around 5am.  Audrey slept through the night again, from 8pm, although a bit more restless this time.  She woke up at 5am and we snuggled in my bed until 6am before Skyping with her Baba, uncle and big sister back in Wisconsin.  She seemed tired so I put her down around 6:30am and she slept again until 8am (so did I).  It was wonderful!  :)  Then, guess what - thanks to a suggestion from Sherry on my last post, I tried feeding her sitting up on the couch versus holding her.  It worked!  She guzzled down 5 oz in one sitting.  Success!  I hope she outgrows that because I adore holding her while feeding her, but I want her to eat so whatever works!

We played around until about 10am and then she took a nap for an hour or so.  After that, we went out and about.  One of my fellow adoptive parents told me there were good frozen pizzas at the grocery store near the McDonalds so we ventured out.  I found it and bought a pizza for tonight.  So excited!  Then we walked down Old Arbat for a few souvenirs and off to Chili's for lunch.  Audrey did pretty good but got a little restless towards the end. I had forgotten what it was like to have a child crying in a restaurant. Check please!  :)  Now we are home, about to have a mid-afternoon bottle and then a nap.  Supposedly there is a big bookstore down New Arbat a couple of blocks so we will probably check that out post-nap, pre-dinner.

OOh - 2 big successes to report.  First and foremost - Audrey had a stinky dirty diaper this afternoon.  Hooray.  It was her first since I picked her up on Monday.  They had given me glycerin suppositories for her but I was holding off using them until tomorrow if no action.  Well - bam!  Today was the day.  Relief for both of us, I am sure.    Second success - Audrey is sitting up on her own.  She cannot get into a sitting position by herself but she has found her balance to stay there.  So proud of her.  Those little stomach muscles are just getting so strong.  Yea Audrey!  We will write again tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to Audrey's soon-to-be godmother - Kim Dean!

Hope all is well back home.  Thanks for following along.  Enjoy the pictures!

Kathy and Audrey

The sun rises here between 9:30-10am right now.  
This was at 9:45am, taken from my apt, 
looking at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. 

Our new method of feeding, working like a charm!

Look who is sitting up all by herself, just like a big girl!
Go Audrey!

Her bib says:  I was worth the wait!
My thoughts exactly!  Love you sweet Audrey!

All bundled up and ready for a stroll.  No cold was getting to her little body!
Even with all those layers, I still got mean looks from the Russian women.
Maybe they were mad at me because I didn't have a hat on,
nor was my coat zipped.   2 Cardinal Sins here!


  1. So glad you found the key to feeding! Vera was so unemotional when it came to me feeding her and giving her a bottle. Now, she cuddles and snuggles with her nighttime bottle. She rubs my neck and hand and we look at each other in the eye until she slowly falls asleep... It's the best part of the day :-).

    Well lots of hugs for you and Audrey! Xoxox

  2. Such a cutie pie that Audrey is! Glad to hear you're getting her to eat. Moscow sounds like a great region to wander, have to admit I'm envious!