Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec 5 - Gotcha Day!

I am so excited to introduce all of you to my daughter - Audrey Darina Reardon, born January 20, 2011 as Darina Ruslanova Sheremetova.  Gotcha sweet girl!

Audrey all bundled up at the Passport office

Audrey and I waiting for the doctor at the baby hospital

Audrey is resting quietly now in her pack n play in the bedroom!  Hooray.  It was a long but wonderful day.  Svetlana, Tanya and Gregory picked me up at 10:30am after a basically sleepless night (jet lag and excitement).  We went to the baby hospital.  Audrey was in the same room, all by herself though.  She has a really bad cold and probably bronchitis.  She will be just fine but her breathing is really labored.  The doctor gave us 3 prescriptions and then we were off (unceremoniously) to the baby home. No pictures or anything.   Because she was sick, Tanya and Svetlana said it would be best for us to stay in the car while they signed the paperwork and dropped off the Gotcha Day cake and presents for the caregivers.  So no final pictures at the babyhome either.  From the babyhome, we went to pick up Audrey's passport then off to the CSS office before going back to the apartment.  What an afternoon for Audrey - about 5hrs in the car, bundled up in a huge snowsuit and hat.  She was so sweaty when I undressed her.  Her clothes and her poor little head were soaked!

She is doing just great.  Has 8 teeth - 2 more popped up on the bottom since I last saw her!  Not eating much though.  I have tried rice cereal and pureed apples so far with no luck.  She has probably had about 6-7 ounces of formula but certainly not enough.  Maybe just the excitement of the day and her illness probably doesn't help either.  Let's see what tomorrow brings from an appetite perspective.  She still isn't able to sit up but she rolls over like a champ and guess what else - she is ready to crawl.  Right now, she does the inchworm scoot!  I was totally shocked but so happy.  Is it crazy that I feel like in the 7hrs we have been together, she already seems different - more alert, more talkative, more engaged.  I am hopeful she will be a good sleeper and sleep through the night for me.

Tomorrow morning, we are going to a pediatrician at 10am to get her checked out.  That is all that is on the agenda right now.

As for her big sister - Clare and Audrey met via Skype a couple of hours ago.  Clare was so sweet and gave the computer a hug and a kiss.  What a great sissy she is already!  I am so looking forward to being home on Saturday.  I think it will be a long week.  I wish it was summer so that she and I could be outside more.  The weather actually isn't too bad - 40 and rainy today.  If it is not raining tomorrow, I am sure I will take her for a stroll around Old Arbat.

Okay - off to catch up on some work email and then maybe get some sleep myself.   For those of you that haven't had the pleasure yet - I included a few of my favorite pics from trips 1 and 2 below.  I will try to get some good shots of Audrey over the next few days around the apartment.

Gregory with a sleeping Audrey


  1. What a cutie pie!! She looks very healthy. I hope the rest of your trip and the dreaded flight home go smooth :)

  2. Kathy--I'm so thrilled for you!! Crazy it has been almost 6 months home for us.. Please let the moscow staff know how precious our son is to us. Praying for you and so happy for you!! Wanted to cry reading about your joy and grocery experiences. So remember those! Yogurt and candy bars-fresh bread were good to us. After the first day, I couldn't do the sausage.

  3. YAY!!! so excited for you! She is such a doll! Safe travels home my friend! Hugs from Vera and I :-)