Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dec 6 - day 2 with Audrey

Day 2 is almost complete.  We are both happy and tired.  Audrey slept great last night - 8pm-7am!  What a treat.  Once she woke up, we had a little bit of a bottle (feeding time is still rough - more to come on that later).  Then around 9am, she fell asleep for a short nap.  At 10am, we were off to the clinic for a check-up.  Doctor Boris was our pediatrician.  He was very nice and said Audrey looked to be in good shape.  Teething and chest congestion but overall healthy.  Then, back to the apartment for about an hour of paperwork with Tanya.

Around 4:30, Audrey and I headed out for a walk around Old Arbat street.  I was starving as I had not really eaten anything today except for Pringles.  Old Arbat is all souvenirs and little restaurants (many American - like Wendy's, Subway, Sbarro, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Cinnabon, Hard Rock Cafe and McDonalds).  I have to admit, I broke down and went to McDonalds.  It was fast, easy and cheap.  I wasn't sure how Audrey would be dining out so I didn't want to risk Hard Rock or Chili's just yet - maybe tomorrow.  Any CSS families out there have some dining suggestions for me?

We have tomorrow all to ourselves.  Lots of time to practice sitting and her army crawl and so many other things.  I hope the weather is relatively nice so we can go for a couple of short walks too.

Okay - as for eating.  She absolutely will not eat from a spoon - not apples, not peaches, not cereal, not baby yogurt.  Nothing.   She also hasn't been eating more then 2-3 oz from the bottle during a sitting either.  This afternoon though she did great and ate 5 whole oz.  We celebrated.  Then, this evening, I tried putting a bit of rice cereal and pureed apples in her formula which seemed to work.  She ate about 4oz.  We will keep at it.  Her little world has been rocked in the past 24hrs.  As long as she isn't hungry, eating well will come, right?  Anybody have any advice for me?

I am being so bad with pictures this trip.  Sorry!  Here are a couple from today.

Sweet Audrey napping this afternoon

Just hanging on the couch this afternoon

She gets really attentive when she hears Russian on the TV!  

More to come tomorrow.  Thanks for following along.  Please - if you have any advice on how to best feed Audrey or suggestions for fun restaurants in the New/Old Arbat area, comment here on my blog or shoot me an email.



  1. I remember that time well! Aryanna would not eat any of the jarred food (I bought every flavor and texture). At breakfast she stared intently and wanted to eat some of my food and I thought what the heck. She ate 1/2 piece of bread, fresh fruit cut really tiny and some of the steel cut oatmeal. She only had 2 bottom and the top 2 were halfway out. She ate lots of yoghurt (thick Greek Style) baby pablum (made with formula instead of water and I left it like wallpaper paste=thick) and fruit (bananas,orange segments,skinned apples thinly sliced). Hope this helps..I found she was very temperature sensitive as well (in the babyhome it was almost boiling and best I could do was nice and warm in the hotel plus I did not want her to burn her mouth). Patience and kind trying stuff!

  2. Congrats! You have 2 beautiful daughters. We celebrated our 4 year Metcha anniversary on 12/3 with our son Liam. Your blog posts bring back memories of our time in Moscow. Tell Svetlana, Tanya and Irina hello from The O'Daniel's.

  3. I'm guessing you've already tried these things, but just in case. Bigger hole in the nipple, and hotter like Naomi suggested. I'm thinking possibly thin it out too because I would expect them to dilute to stretch the food budget. Also feed her propped up instead of holding her, maybe that's distracting. Hang in there!