Friday, September 30, 2011

8-doc medical

Well - let me say this, I had heard the 8-doc medical was not as imposing as it may seem and boy they were not kidding.  Tanya and Sasha picked me up at 10am and off to the clinic - like one of our hospitals.  I had blood taken first for some tests.  As usual with me, it was difficult to find my vein so they had to call in a special nurse to help.  Always happens when I give blood too.  They say I have small veins - who knows.  Anyway, after that, off for x-rays.  As I was getting x-rayed I realized, I don't think I have ever had x-rays before.  Never broken anything or even came close that I can recall so no need I suppose.  Good thing I am not modest.  Had to strip down on the top - all the way.  Tanya was there.  I guess I could have asked her to step out but honestly - that was the least of my worries.  We were done with testing around 11:15am.  Tanya said we would now wait for the blood work and then meet all the doctors.  We went to a small waiting room, right next to what can best be described like an American board room with a long wooden table and chairs all around it.  We were the only ones there today.  That made Tanya sad because she said that normally there are at least 2 families and sometimes up to 5 there at the same time.  She said it just indicates how slow the international adoption process has become in Russia. Then we waited and waited and waited and waited.  Around 2pm, the man, Andrei, who was helping us, went to find some of the doctors.  He came back with 3 signatures on my form, without them even needing to see me - Narcologist, Psychiatrist, and Urologist.  Hooray!  So, 3 hrs down and 3 signatures without even seeing a doc!  Good.  Then we waited some more.  About 2:30, the internist came in listened to my heart, looked at my wrists and ankles and signed the form.  Glad to know my wrists and ankles passed the test!  Hooray.  Halfway through.  Then came in a doctor specializing in infectious diseases - she looked at my papers, asked if I ever had any head injuries or surgeries.  When I responded no - she signed the form.  5 doctors down - 3 to go!  Around 3pm, Andrei went in search of them.  He came back with 2 more signatures - the Dermatologist and the Pulmonologist.  Fantastic.  Within a few minutes, the Oncologist came in, asked if I smoked, I said no - and guess what - he signed the form.  One vial of blood, one set of x-rays, 8 signatures and about 4hrs later and I am declared healthy and fit to adopt.

After the medical, Sasha dropped Tanya and I off at Red Square.  It was great to see everything through her eyes.  St Basil's Cathedral, the History Museum, Ascension Gates, Lenin's Tomb.  We also walked through the GUM (pronounced goom) which is a huge shopping mall that borders Red Square - very very expensive, with shops like Hermes, Van Cleef&Arpel, Lacoste, Gucci, etc.   Tanya gets ice cream there with all her families so of course we had ice cream.  After that, we watched the changing of the guard at their Tomb of the unknown solider.

Then it was time to say goodbye - which was hard - just knowing my trip is coming to an end.  I hated not seeing Audrey today.  I so look forward to getting that call from Carol that a court date has been set.  I don't think it will be less than 4 weeks from now but am hoping not more than 8.  They all think about 6 weeks which puts me in the middle of November.  Sdending prayers about that.

Tomorrow, Sasha picks me up at 7am for my 12hr flight back to Houston, 6-hr layover and then should land in Nashville around 10pm.  Cannot wait to give Clare so many hugs and kisses.  She will be sleeping by the time I get home but I will absolutely be waking her up.  :)

Hope all is well back home!  I will write again when I know more about a court date. Until then - as they say in Russia - paka!

The famous Bolshoi Theater (from the car of course);  Tanya said it is scheduled
to reopen in October, after 6 years!  I guess the wait for tickets is months and months!

St. Basil's taken from the front - in Red Square

Ascension Gate, one of the 2 entrances to Red Square.
We saw 3 bridal parties today!

The changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider

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  1. It was so great running into you and meeting you! I'm praying for you that 4 is your magic number!!! Vera is doing great! She didn't make a peep on the plane, well if you don't count the bathroom meltdown. The small spac is frightening to her.... We arrived in San Jose at 8pm and I was exhausted as was she... We had our first full day home yesterday and it was just amazing!