Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 2

Where to begin with a fun day 2...  First, I forgot one other funny story from yesterday.  Note of caution - Day 1 was much funnier than Day 2.  Maybe that is why I subconsciously saved an anecdote from Day 1 for today - just in case so Day 2 entry wasn't too boring.

Anyway, yesterday Tanya was telling me how in Russia, adoptions are much more secretive.  Many parents don't even share with their children about their adoption.  Much different than the United States today where most adoptions are very open.  I mentioned that it would be hard for me to keep mine private, if I wanted to (which I don't but if I did) because of Clare's ethnicity.  Tanya had the perfect solution!  Just tell everyone I am married to an Asian man.  After awhile if they ask why they have never met him, I can share that he travels quite a bit.  If they continue to push or ask why I don't wear a ring, eventually I just tell them we are divorced now.  Problem solved!  :)  I shared that while that is certainly one approach, for me it is probably easier just to share that Clare (and Audrey) are adopted and I am single.  Good ol' Tanya!

Back to Day 2, today started with a trip to the hospital to see Dr. Mouradov.  Handsome!  I had forgotten something yesterday (again, perhaps that was my subconscious kicking in again) so we had to swing by there today to drop if off.  It was really just a quick visit on the sidewalk but I did get another hug which was fun.  Then off for the real business of the day - to see Miss Audrey!

Yesterday, the 30 mile drive only took an hour.  This morning - it took 2 hrs.  Ouch.  Audrey was dressed in a lovely ensemble once again, complete with knit yellow booties, a yellow hat, yellow shirt, red tights with $ signs all over them and let's not forget the keep-the-core-warm onesie.    Despite the attire - completely adorable.  We spent the first part of the visit taking pictures that would be used for her passport and some for court on Trip 2.  Then she and I did some leg exercises and also began to practice sitting up a bit.  Time to flex and strengthen all those muscles.  She was in a good mood - quiet like yesterday but still observant.  The most heartbreaking and heartwarming part of the visit was her first smile for me.  I was giving her amazing little cheeks these soft butterfly kisses on each side.  She loved it and gave me the best smile.  I saw all 4 teeth on top because she smiled so big.  It totally made me melt in love and then it made me cry as I thought that for 8 months this sweet little angel never got butterfly kisses on those amazing cheeks.  While they take great care of her, no one massages her little legs or rubs that beautiful head.  No one caresses her forehead, down her nose, helping her to relax. No one has loved her the way her mommy can and will.  She has been waiting so patiently for me and here I am - finally - giving her all the butterfly kisses she can take!  For all you moms out there, give your kids big hugs and kisses.  Wipe away their tears and share their smiles.  Enjoy every single moment.  I have with Clare and I will with Audrey.  For you moms still waiting to meet your little one, hold on.  It is worth every bump in the road, every tear, every delay, every unexpected twist - just one smile after a few sweet butterfly kisses is all it takes!

Okay - what else - ooh the ride home.  30 miles, 3.5hrs in Moscow traffic.  Ouch!  We went to the office to get some paperwork that I need to have notarized on Thursday then back to the hotel.  Tomorrow, we will get Audrey's passport picture processed then off to the BH for a visit.  Haven't done much sightseeing yet.  The days have been full.  Tanya thought maybe tomorrow after our visit.  Thursday sounds like the last day I will see Audrey as I have the 8-doc medical on Friday.  Taking lots of pictures so I will be able to look at them during the long wait before court.

Hope all is well back home.

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