Monday, September 26, 2011


Today I met my daughter.  She is beautiful and sweet and quiet and interested and questioning and just so wonderful!   The day started out by visiting the Department of Education where I learned about my referral (everything I already knew) then off to the babyhome.  The traffic thankfully wasn't bad so it only took about an hour.

Pause for product advertisement - Hooray for 24-hr "less drowsy" dramamine.  Worked like a charm for the crazy Moscow traffic and as advertised - with less drowsiness.  Back to regularly scheduled blogging...

Arriving at the babyhome, they quickly brought peanut in to see me.  She looked just like her referral picture.  A beauty for sure.  I held her and played for about 20 minutes before Dr. Mouradov arrived to help me with her evaluation. All checked out really well.  She has the expected delays - nothing that won't be improved with lots of love and attention, along with some wheels on the bus action to get those muscles used to moving.     Some small other little abnormalities but again - nothing we can't overcome as a family so I am thrilled and look forward to bringing her home - hopefully by the end of November, early December.

For those of you who followed along on my first adoption, you might remember that no adoption journey is complete for me without some weird meat story.  Well, after leaving the babyhouse, Svetlana and Tanya needed to go back inside and complete some paperwork so Alexander (aka Sasha, my driver) and I were hanging by the car.  Then - guess what happened - you won't guess - he opened his trunk, pulled out a loaf of rye bread, a hunk of salami and made me a salami sandwich on rye, right in front of the babyhouse, at the trunk of his car, on the street.  Yup - sure did!  Like I said - for me adoption and weird meat stories go together like Sonny and Cher or PB&J or Starsky&Hutch or whatever fabulous duo you can concoct.

On the ride home, we started discussing baby names.  The fun continued as Svetlana and Tanya are absolutely enthralled with any name held by a former actress/starlet.  Their favorites, which they more than enthusiastically shared with me were  - Grace for Grace Kelly, Elizabeth for Elizabeth Taylor, Vivian for Vivian Leigh and Sopia, as in Sophia Lauren. You can imagine the sheer giddiness when I shared, unsuspectedly, that I was going to name her Audrey.  Oh the joy they had found!  Audrey, Audrey Hepburn they shouted - how fabulous.  I swear - I was in some weird twilight zone - giddy myself from exhaustion, joy, and sheer terror at truly being a mom of two.  Soon I was right with them - yes, Audrey, Audrey Hepburn!!  :)

OOh - I almost forgot one other funny part of the day.  "Audrey" has Mongolian spots all over her back and her whole bottom is one huge Mongolian spot - literally!  Her entire butt is bluish gray.  So, I am telling Svetlana all about it and her response - hmm - I guess no string bikini underwear in her future.  I busted out laughing.  Good point.  Hopefully I don't need to worry about her wearing thongs anytime soon though and hopefully the spots fade by the time she does.  What a day!

Tomorrow and Wednesday, I visit peanut again at the babyhouse.  I don't know what happens on Thursday - maybe more of the same and on Friday I get poked and prodded during the infamous 8-doctor medical exam.  It really isn't as bad as it sounds, or so I have heard from other adoptive families.  Then on Saturday, I fly back to Nashville to see sweet Clare and await a court date.

I will have more pictures of Moscow sites soon but thought I would share the irony of being so far from home - yet home seems just around the corner.  Recognize any of these?

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  1. Oh, Yay yay yay!
    So very glad that all went well at the babyhouse--I remember Andrei's van very well--and understand the need for dramamine--I'm so glad that it worked!
    Even happier that all is well with little Audrey :-) Prayers that the rest of your visit is a good one!