Friday, September 16, 2011

One more week!

The time is almost here.  This is my last weekend at home before I head back to Moscow next weekend to meet a beautiful little girl.  My flights are booked.  I leave on Saturday the 24th and return home on Saturday, Oct 1.  I decided to go Singapore Air from Houston this time.  Only $730 RT to DME and then I booked a 2nd RT to get me to Houston but all in it was less than $1000 which is MUCH cheaper than United or Delta.  So excited.  The Marriott Courtyard didn't have the adoption rate available so I am at the Marriott Grand this time around which I hear is just as nice too.  The nursery has been changed from a boy's monkey jungle theme to a beautiful girly owl theme.  As I have said in other posts, the nursery is an emotional hurdle for me and helps me believe it is all real.  When I changed it from a girl's room to a boy's room with my last referral, it really helped.  So while it is not necessarily cost effective to keep switching it with each referral, each time I need to remain hopeful that this is the one!  So - 4th time is a charm right? 
This last week will be painful to keep waiting but I have my referral picture on my computer and stare at her sweet little face only about a million times each day.  Looking forward to meeting her soon and holding her in my arms.  Praying she is my daughter and Clare's baby sister!

More to come!


  1. Congratulations! The room is adorable. Praying this child is meant to be yours. Safe travels!

  2. Cute room :-) I'm flying that route but on the 21st... Wish I was in Moscow same time as I'd live to meet up with another SMC! Safe travels!!