Sunday, September 25, 2011

Arrived safely

I am all checked in at the Marriott Grand - safe and sound in Moscow!  Flight was perfect and on time.  It was quite a production getting on the airplane though.  Tons of security.  We had our passports checked 3 times from the gate to the airplane.  Right before we boarded, we all had to walk down this narrow hallway - about 10 of us at at time.  They told us to leave our carry-ons and purses, etc on the wall and then go stand on the opposite wall, across from our things.  It was bizarre.  Then, they brought out a police dog who went down the hall, sniffing all of our stuff - first down one way, then down the other.  Well, this crazy dog, a sweet German Shepherd, stops at my Coach purse and puts the thing in his mouth and prances off down the hall with it.  I was scared to death that they were going to think there was something in there but then all the cops started laughing, saying he had good taste in purses.   Oh my gosh, seriously?  I am stressed enough already - I don't need to be scared I am going to get hauled off by airport security or the TSA!  Anyway, it was all fine.  The flight on Singapore was great.  Not too crowded so no one was in the middle seat which is always nice.

The Marriott Grand is a gorgeous hotel!  Wow.  There was an orchestral quartet playing in the lobby when I checked in.  Much more luxurious than the Courtyard and for the same price - except for the internet in the lobby.  The Courtyard has free lobby wi-fi.  I have to pay here per day but then have wi-fi anywhere in the hotel, including my room.  Probably worth it for me.

Tanya and Alexander are still my translator and driver, same as last time.  THey are picking me up, along with Svetlana at 10am to go to the Dept of Education to get information on my referral and then off for the dreaded car ride to the Orphanage.  Dreaded because I get so car sick - hopefully my excitement about the day will outweigh any nausea. Just in case though - I found some 24-hr less-drowsy dramamine so I will give that a whirl in the morning.

Not much else to report right now.  Off to grab some dinner and then get some rest before the big day tomorrow.

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